How do I book an Artist on AGNT?

When you’re booking an Artist on AGNT, you are making arrangements with an Artist to play at your event. Get to know your Artist by going through their AGNT profile. Read their bio, listen to their music, watch their videos, learn about their technical requirements, and check out what other organizers have to say about their past performances. Once you’ve found the Artist that you want to book, it’s time to send a booking request! 

To send a booking request to an Artist:

  1. On find the Artist that you want to book.
  2. On the Artist’s profile, click Request to Book on the profile menu.
  3. You will be taken to a screen that asks you to "Add  Artist  to an existing event" or "Create a new event:. Select one of the two options to continue the booking process. NOTE: For instructions on how to create an event, please see How do I create an event? as you must have an event created before sending an offer.
  4. Once you’ve attached the Artist to your event, you’ll be taken to the "Make an Offer" page.
  5. Set the Artist’s set time (when you want the Artist to play) by inputting the times into "Set Start" and "Set End".
  6. Enter the amount you are willing to pay your Artist into the "Booking Offer" field. NOTE: The Artist may choose to negotiate this offer.
  7. Once you’ve set the set time and entered an offer, click Next.
  8. For the last step, you will be taken to the "Booking Summary" page.
  9. Review your request, introduce yourself, and add your "Payment method".
  10. Once you’ve checked all the boxes under the "Contract Agreement", click Send Request.
  11. The Artist will receive your request and will have the option of confirming, negotiating details or rejecting the offer. Feel free to message your Artist during this time to notify them of any additional details about the event or ask them questions.
  12. Once the Artist accepts your request, the booking will be Confirmed!

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