Have artists apply for your events

Need some help looking for an artist to play your event? We're here to help! We know that it can be overwhelming to sift through hundreds of potential artists, so we've created a way for artists to apply to your event as soon as you create your event. When creating your event, simply input the type of event you're creating (e.g. Nightclub, Wedding etc.) and the genres that you want to be played at your event. Artists that fit the criteria will be automatically notified to apply. Also, if your event is created as a "Public" event, your event will automatically be added to a list that is visible throughout AGNT. That means artists can see your event on AGNT and show interest to play your event. 

Once artists have shown interest to play your event, you now have a narrowed down list of artists to choose from to book for your event. Simply pick the artist(s) that you want to book and send them a booking request! 

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