What is AGNT?

AGNT is a artist booking platform that connects artists and organizers like never before. We provide unrivaled access to thousands of professional artists that fit any style or budget, a dedicated support team and a suite of tools simplifies every stage of the booking process.

AGNT has been designed from the ground up to be the easiest and most secure way to find the perfect artist for any event. Our custom filters allow you fine-tune your search for artists that match any budget and style, and our verified review system and secure payment options give you peace of mind with every booking. And for artists, AGNT provides unrivaled access to new gigs and opportunities for artists at all stages of the career. Building a profile and engaging in the AGNT community allows you promote yourself to an ever-growing pool of organizers, and proactively apply to a wide variety of events in cities across North America. AGNT also helps you manage the logistics of each booking with a suite of professional tools, and provides secure, automated invoicing options to ensure you never have to worry about getting paid.

With AGNT, anyone can find the perfect artist for any event, and any artist can take their career to the next level. 

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