How do I remove an event?

To remove/cancel your event:

  1. Click on Your Events in the top right area of the navigation.
  2. In the dropdown, click on See All next to Upcoming Events.
  3. You will see a menu on the left that lets you navigate through all your events.
  4. Click on Upcoming Events, All Confirmed Events, or Pending Events in the menu to see your active events.
  5. Click on the event and then click Cancel Event.

For the iOS App:

  1. Tap the Calendar Icon in the main navigation to take you to Your Events.
  2. Find the event you want to edit and tap on it.
  3. Within the Event Profile, scroll to the bottom and tap Cancel Event.

NOTE: Cancellation is permanent and cannot be reversed. Canceling any event with confirmed artists may result in forfeiting booking fees (depending on the artist’s cancellation policy).

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