Why should I book gigs with AGNT?

AGNT is an entirely new way to find new gigs, gain exposure and take control of your career. Our platform makes it easy to search for bookings that fit your style and connect with a wide range of organizers from all over North America, Sweden, and soon the world!

With AGNT, you have all the tools you need to promote yourself like a true professional. Our in-depth profiles give you a platform to tell the world who you are, showcase your sound, and get reviewed and rated by real organizers. We also provide a suite of tools that make everything from managing your schedule, tracking your progress, and even invoicing your organizers quick, easy, and secure. Every gig you book on AGNT is fully protected by our team, so you can stay focused on performing, and never worry about getting paid. From beginning to end, AGNT is ready to work as hard as you. Our goal is to provide artists with a new level of opportunity and access to gigs that help you grow and take the next step in your artist career. 

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