How do I set up my payout method?

In order to receive payment, please link a valid bank account to your AGNT profile. All payouts will be delivered directly to your linked account upon completion of your event. 

To set up your payout method:

  1. Click on your Profile Menu in the top right area of the navigation.
  2. From the dropdown menu, click on Payout Method.
  3. Click on Add Payout Method.
  4. Select either Paypal or Add Bank Account. 
  5. For PayPal, enter in your PayPal login credentials to link your account. 
  6. For Bank Account, enter in all the fields required to link your account. 

NOTE: If you have multiple payout accounts, you can set one as default by clicking on the Set Default button next to the account name. 

US Bank Account Information

Canadian Bank Account Information

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