Why should I use AGNT for invoicing?

The AGNT invoicing tool is the fastest and easiest way to get paid securely and on time. WIth our invoices, every transaction is processed and protected by AGNT, and we provide detailed documentation that outlines the booking quote for your records. It’s the best way to keep track of all the gigs you book on AGNT. And here’s the kicker: you can even get paid simply by using it. Just send an invoice to an Organizer who’s not on the AGNT platform yet, and you’ll receive a $25 referral credit if they book you and pay through the invoice.

Benefits of using AGNT for invoicing:

  • A quick and simple way to invoice Organizers for gigs
  • Get paid on time and securely through AGNT.
  • Keep track of all your transactions through AGNT.
  • With more bookings, you will become more featured on AGNT and be more visible to booking Organizers.
  • By sending an invoice to Organizers that are not on the AGNT platform, Artists will receive a referral credit of $25.

To send an invoice:

  1. On AGNT.com, click on Send Invoice in the navigation.
  2. Fill out the fields under Client Info.
  3. Fill out the fields under Event Info.
  4. Fill out the fields under Your Rate.
  5. Specify how you want to be paid out. We recommend being paid out securely through AGNT to ensure that you'll be paid in full and on time. 
  6. Click Send Invoice.
  7. The Organizer will be notified via email and SMS of your invoice. 
  8. You will receive an email and notification through AGNT once the Organizer has accepted the invoice. 

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