How do I get more bookings?

The best way to get more bookings is to increase your visibility within AGNT. That starts with completing - and perfecting - your profile. Completed profiles are given priority in searches, so make sure there’s no outstanding information in yours. Then, think of ways you can improve your profile. Adding things like professional photos or fresh mixes and videos will go a long way in making you stand out from the crowd. Reviews are another key factor to getting booked. Try reaching out to organizers from previous gigs to request a review. You’ll gain credibility, and your profile will become more featured in AGNT searches, giving you more chances to get booked. 

Here at AGNT, we are constantly working on getting more Organizers on board and events posted to provide Artists like you with more opportunities. If you are not seeing many gigs in your area, please know that we are working on it! 

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