How do I write a review?

Reviews are a key part of how AGNT provides a quality experience from Artists. They create accountability, ensure Artists receive credit for great performances and make it easy for Organizers to see whether an Artist is right for them.

To write a review for an Artist you’ve booked through AGNT:

  1. On, go to your Inbox located in the top right.
  2. You will see a Write a Review button next to the Artist that has recently completed you event.
  3. Click on Write a Review to leave a detailed review on the Artist’s profile.

NOTE: You can also leave an Unverified Review (a review for a booking that was made outside of AGNT) on an Artist’s profile.

To write an unverified review:

  1. On, go to the Artist’s profile that you want to leave a review on.
  2. Click on Reviews in the Artist profile menu.
  3. Click on Write a Review.
  4. Enter all the details of the event that your Artist played and write your review.
  5. Click Submit Review.

NOTE: Verified reviews can be removed by the discretion of the Artist.

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